I’m a maker of lists,

A blower of noses,

A starter of fresh starts.


A night-time hand-holder,

A nap time creator,

An all day coffee drinker.


I sew,

And write,

And play,

And live.

Yup this is the best picture I could find!


October 2016

Thanks for stopping by – I’m currently a stay at home mum with a 16 month old and an almost 8 year old. I am (was??) a primary school teacher.

I blogged fairly regularly in 2012 when my big boy was 3 so there’s lots of ideas for preschool activities. I’ve blogged intermittently since then – I’m slightly more active on my Facebook page – and I always intend to get back to it and then…life!

Mainly I write about crafts and activities with my kids and sewing and crafting I’ve done myself. There’s also the occasional poem or post about school.


Here are a few of my popular posts


Clip on purple prickles

The beach sensory box

Gruffalo hoodie


Contact: beth@bammboo. co.uk



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