Advent days 1-9

Once I’d washed all of the jars I made a (totally OCD) list of what I wanted to put in each jar. I wanted a mix of chocolate, toys and activities, I also wanted to be realistic and not overstretch myself on days when we were already busy. Then, because all of the jars were different sizes I needed to decide which jar would go with which day. (I do like to over-complicate my life!)


Day 1  glitter glue.

Day 2  chocolate cars (these were a big hit)

Day 3  threading jingle bells. I got a lot of my ideas from Counting Coconuts there are lots of great activities to do with young children. Eli enjoyed it at the time but hasn’t asked to get them out again.

Day 4 mini wild animals (from the pound shop)

Day 5 Christmas tree play-dough. I made play-dough in the microwave and added green food colouring, glitter and sequins. It turns out americans have much better (or worse depending on your point of view) food colouring than we do so the colour wasn’t very bright.

At first Eli just wanted to bury his animals from day 4 in it.

Then I remembered we had some Christmas tree cutters and we spent ages rolling and cutting out Christmas trees. We’ve got this out every day since.
Day 6 a jar full of foam numbers that I’d picked up for him a while ago. He loves numbers! We sorted them in a muffin tin for a while.


Day 7 chocolate santas.


Day 8 Christmas shapes painting – we didn’t do this because he was too ill.


Day 9 spooning pom-poms. Again from Counting Coconuts.



Look at his bright red face, he’s still not well.

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