Advent days 10-19

I’m finally updating this, it might be useful for next year.

Day 10 and 11 Eli was sick so we didn’t do anything

Day 12 Painting christmas shapes – these came from Baker Ross


Day 13 Decorating cupcakes – I cheated and bought pre-made cupcakes. I make basic icing with icing sugar and water and bought various decorations from the supermarket. Everything was separated out into a muffin tin – I love muffin tins we use them for everything!


Day 14 Chocolate cars

Day 15 Mini animals

Day 16 Cotton wool snowmen. We covered pre-cut shapes with cotton wool. I’m not sure where the picture is for this!

Day 17 Baking with Daddy.


Day 18 Potato prints. These didn’t really work very well but Eli enjoyed it



Day 19 Using tweezers to pick up Christmas bows. Eli didn’t actually use the tweezers he liked taking them out of the jar and putting them back in though. Inspiration from Counting Coconuts 


I need to hunt down the rest of the pictures so that will be another post.

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