Pinterest Challenge Day 4 -magnetic faces


As soon as I saw this I knew E would love it. He loves his Mr Potato head and photographs of himself or people he knows are always a hit.


I pretty much followed the instructions from Creative Juice exactly. The only thing I would change is printing 6 pdfs to a page leaves a lot of wasted space and magnetic sheets aren’t cheap – we have a laser printer and they were £7.99 for 5. Next time I’ll try some cutting and pasting to get the images closer together. I didn’t seal the pictures with anything – did I mention I’m impatient – but I probably should have.


It was difficult to find pencil tins at this time of year and I really wanted to get started so I bought these  from the supermarket. E. can’t read yet so it hasn’t occurred to him that the contents don’t make sense! I’ll probably find a cheaper tin and put the snap cards back in at some point.


E loves it and I’m sure older children or adults would too. We had great fun making faces when he was in bed.

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7 Responses to Pinterest Challenge Day 4 -magnetic faces

  1. nelliet says:

    That’s hilarious. I’d like it do myself!

  2. Green Eggs says:

    I know, Ben and I sat for ages and changed his faces. It didn’t take long to do about 1 1/2 hrs max

  3. Karyn says:

    Oooh, that’s great! I love the idea! Where do you get those magnetic sheets?

  4. Green Eggs says:

    We got ours from They were difficult to find because we have a laser printer. My sister has just ordered some inkjet ones from ebay.

  5. Tha' MZA says:

    Awesome. Love the Kanye inspired glasses. xx

  6. Green Eggs says:


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