The Lorax


This is the last of our activities from the weekend – it turns out a bank holiday weekend with a spotty toddler is a great motivator!


The idea and instructions are from Make, do and friend


E looked through the book and showed us what he wanted (and we looked at the website to see how to do it!!)


He’s loved playing with it and was somewhat able to retell the story. I’m thinking of ways we can use the duplo for other stories.

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5 Responses to The Lorax

  1. nell says:

    OOh we have that duplo, but i don’t know what a lorax is and teds duplo play hasn’t moved much beyond the getting it in and out of the box stage, another great idea for the future!

  2. Green Eggs says:

    🙂 the Lorax is a Dr Seus story. It’s just been made into a film so there are lots of blog posts about it everywhere!I love duplo but I think it’s difficult for children to think of things to make that’s why I loved this idea – Eli didn’t make any of it though, Ben and I did!

  3. nell says:

    ah ha!great idea beth. like the sticky on bits.

  4. Green Eggs says:

    Thanks, I can’t take credit for the idea but it turned out really well! x

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