A slummy-mummy’s guide to housework


It’s been a million years since I blogged but here I am! I’m going to totally change the website when I can remember how to do it so if you’re here for the hoodies I’m sorry!!

Thing 2 is now 3 months old so here I am again – in charge of a child and a house and not entirely sure if I can really be trusted with either.

I am intending to write a blog post about my complicated  easy new system for keeping the house clean – but let’s be honest I’ll probably have given up on it by then! So here’s my guide to housework! In no particular order because – lazy!

  1. Don’t get dressed so when you’re husband/wife/person who gets to escape to work during the day get’s home you can cry, “I didn’t even manage to get dressed today” and they will tidy-up for you.
  2. Bribe the older child into tidying up for you – this helps if it is after a few days of doing point one then your significant other will be so happy with the vague tidiness they won’t even think of complaining.
  3. Clear a small area of carpet and hoover it – make sure you leave the hoover in the centre of the room so it looks like you’ve been busy.
  4. Develop ‘no go areas’ in your house where you chuck all the stuff  – if you can’t remember the colour of your dining table you’re doing it right!
  5. If you really feel that you absolutely need to tidy invite someone round because  everyone knows that’s the only time you’re going to actually tidy up! 



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