Advent days 1-7

I’d planned to update this sooner but we’ve been having laptop issues. Our advent jars are a mixture of activities, little toys and chocolates. I don’t actually get everything ready before advent start  I just fill the jars with whatever’s ready and then prepare the othersas and when. I’ve planned a lot of the same activities as last year.It’s been really interesting to see the different ways he approaches things.

Day 1 Glow sticks. I wasn’t sure how these would go down but he loved them. Our house is pretty dark and gloomy at the moment so they stood out really well. After he’d waved them around like magic wands for a while we used them to make shapes.

* it says on the packet they’re for 7+ only so obviously I kept an eye on him!

Day 2 Chocolate Christmas Puddings

Day 3 Threading jingle bells – we threaded wool into the bells and then hung them on Boo’s tree

*You’ll see lots of pictures of him in his PJs I do get him dressed during the day honestly!

Day 4 Stickers – for some reason only logical to an almost 4 year old he refused to take the backing off and sorted them all into groups

Day 5 Christmas tree play dough – this was fantastic. I’m going to do a proper post about it soon

Day 6 Magnetic ‘paper dolls’ I got this in a freebie from Allsorts it’s amazing. I printed it out onto magnetic paper just like I did for this one I may well be doing some more of these for presents for little people.

Day 7 Chocolate Christmas Puddings

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