Christmas Presents!!

Yes I know it’s August.

I started blogging a few years ago to make myself  keep a record of the things I’ve made.  When I went through to fix all of the photos I really enjoyed looking at the old posts so I figured I’d update these bits anyway.

Last Christmas I made most of the presents for my nieces and nephews (and a few things for Boo as well)

I made 2 of these using this tutorial. It was easy to follow but obviously pretty fiddly. Boo refuses to wear his but I’m informed that  my nephew wears his!

I think I used this tutorial for these crowns. They aren’t quite the same but I used the measurement to get the right kind of sizes

I loved making these wands, the look really effective and great fun to play with . The tutorial can be found here

I’ve made these bean bags before (see post) They’re easy to make and a perfect size for little hands.



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