Garden Soup

I’m planning on vaguely following a weekly theme  for the summer holidays (and possibly beyond since we moved house well after the deadline for applying for school places!!) For the last two weeks it’s been ‘garden’

Of course I started with a pinterest board

The last few days we’ve been making Garden Soup. I thought I’d basically made it up but I must have read it on Happy Hooligans and absorbed it. (I love, love, love Happy Hooligans by the way I would totally move to Canada just so Boo could go to Jackie’s daycare) Here’s the link 

We don’t have a low table for the garden so I turned over a few plastic crates – this turned out to be a great plan because it makes the pack up really easy

 I grabbed a couple of spoons and some jugs from the kitchen but everything else was from my random collection of things I keep for play.

There was a lot of pouring…

and a lot of cutting. Boo is a bit reluctant to cut when crafting so this was brilliant for that.

When we ran out of bits to cut up he went to find some more.  (Any advice on how to sort out this bed would be appreciated!)

Then everything got a big stir…

and then a bit more pouring and we were ready to eat.

I had to remind him not to eat it – I guess the actual water made him think that it was fine to drink!


Let me know if you have a go. It’s easy to set up and great fun.


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