Christmas Traditions (or could we all be a bit less judgmental?)

I’ve read quite a few things online this week about how people choose to celebrate Christmas and I’ve found it hard not to take it as a personal attack.
There have been newspaper articles, blog posts and forum posts stating that:

  • I’m spoiling my children and making them entitled little brats,
  • I’m stressing myself out and ruining my own Christmas,
  • I’m ruining Christmas for my kids and making them grow up too soon.
  • I probably shouldn’t be celebrating Christmas at all really!

It’s funny how the opinions of people I don’t know – and that aren’t actually aimed at me -can really grate on me and bother me long after they’ve forgotten they even wrote it.

Modern parenting seems to be set up to pitch us against each other. Social media and the internet have made parenting a much more public event. I think we spend so much time overthinking each little decision that we become convinced we are right and by default that means people who do differently are automatically wrong.

Of course the actual point (like everything in parenting) is we’re all just trying to get by and to do what we think is right by our own children. And to be honest, while I may internally roll my eyes, if you’re not actually harming your children or mine I don’t really care what you do with your children.

So, probably completely unnecessarily – because after all why should you care – here are a few things we do and don’t do.  (E is almost 8 and his little sister is 18 months, so I’m talking about both children but only one of them really cares either way!)

We Do

Go completely all out for advent– there are activities or little gifts for the 24 days. I like doing crafts with my children and I’ve found this is a good way of making sure I actually do all of the things I want to do with them.

Christmas Traditions (or could we all be a bit less judgmental?)

We Don’t 

Spoil our kids or drive ourselves crazy. Most of the ‘gifts’ come out every year and then go away to come out again next year- my 8 year old is genuinely excited to get his own things back!

We Don’t 

Tell our children Santa is real or go out of our way to pretend he is. We’ve never intentionally gone to a grotto or ridden on a Christmas train. E is aware I don’t believe in Santa and if / when he asks me outright I fully intend on telling him the truth.

We Do

Let our children be children, E. generally starts getting excited about Christmas in October it doesn’t matter to him whether there’s magic involved. In the past few years we’ve started leaving food out for Santa because he saw it on a film and he wants to.

We Do

Spend a lot of time as a family and with our extended family, making memories, enjoying each other’s company and eating to excess.

We Don’t 

Celebrate the birth of Christ. E is aware of the Christian basis for the celebration and its Pagan origins. He’s also aware that lots of cultures have a midwinter festival and that as atheists we can pick and choose how we celebrate.

Christmas Traditions (or could we all be a bit less judgmental?)
So there you go, clearly I’m ruining them forever – and maybe I need to spend less time on the internet and read an actual book occasionally.

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8 Responses to Christmas Traditions (or could we all be a bit less judgmental?)

  1. Bec says:

    Your Christmas sounds absolutely lovely, so stuff the haters! I’ve found your daily crafts really inspiring and might try that next year. As you know I don’t tell my kids Santa is real either and it annoys me how people make it that this is forcing them to grow up too quick taking the magic away, their childhood is still magical and they are very much kids! The 4 year old creates her own magic every day of the year without me bending over backwards to create it for her!!

    • Beth at Bamm Boo says:

      Aw thank you, we do have a lot of fun during December.

      On the whole I think most people find it difficult to see that different isn’t necessarily worse x

  2. Baby Anon says:

    You’re right. We should stop looking around ourselves and start looking within – because that’s where we have the answers to being great parents. We are all individuals and should be able to parent our way – without fear of judgement #bigpinklink

  3. Your Christmas sounds perfect lovely and your advent sounds right up my street, we’ve started doing activities this year and our eldest loves it. Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x
    Hannah G, The ‘Ordinary’ Mum recently posted…Weekend Tot Style #12My Profile

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  5. Mummy Pat says:

    Awh. I generally love reading about the different ways people celebrate Christmas – even if a lot of it seems too much like hard work. It’s genuinely fascinating; maybe because you only tend to experience your own family’s Xmas for the first couple of decades of your life. We’re gradually making our own traditions – heading out onto the fields near the kids’ grandparents to scatter sparkly oats for the reindeer, which was a bit of a challenge with our baby’s buggy this year. I get very excited thinking about how our family traditions will grow over the coming years. 🙂

    • Beth at Bamm Boo says:

      Aw it’s nice to start things. I feel like we’re definitely full now! It’s so lovely when he reminds me of ‘what we do’

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