As I said yesterday I’d like to do something to cheer up our back yard. It’s a very small walled yard which is concrete throughout (lovely!!) We’re assuming we’ll only have one more summer here so we don’t want to spend a lot of time and money.

We could possibly buy some big potted plants but I think we’d need to spend quite a bit to make a significant difference. The main problem is I hate sitting out there – I think because there is nothing nice to look at – Eli doesn’t know any better so he’s quite happy!


So any ideas of cheap (or free!) things we could do?


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2 Responses to ‘Garden’

  1. Nell Thompson says:

    What about astroturf? i know it sounds naff, but I’ve seen it used really well in someone’s internal concrete courtyard. The really, really obviously fake stuff.How’s about wooden boxes/pallets along the back wall – you could put some cushions on the tops to create a low bench and possibly use as the space underneath as storage / hidey holes / sensory boxes?Could you put up a windbreak (homemade from strong canvas and poles?) along another wall to brighten things up? it could of course be used as a proper windbreak for the seaside or to create a den during the holidays.Where will you be after this summer?

  2. Green Eggs says:

    Oooo fab ideas, I couldn't see past the ugly concrete, I love the idea of astroturf although I think it might be too expensive. We've got a windbreaker I may be able to rig up and something with cushions would definitely help.  🙂 I've no idea we'll be next year but I doubt we'll still be here!

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