Just Breathe

I’ve been reading Nobody Told Me: Poetry and Parenthood by Hollie McNish. I totally love her poetry. If you’ve not heard any I can highly recommend you check out her youtube channel 


Anyway it turns out reading poetry when I fall asleep and during the endless night wakings  makes me think I can write my own 😉


Just Breathe



When the laundry pile is towering,

And the floors are never clean,

And the chaos is overwhelming.



When the nights are sleepless,

With grasping fists seeking flesh,

And flailing limbs in constant contact.



When days are a battle,

Of refused nap times,

And thrown dinner plates.


Sometimes I just stop,

And breathe in silky hair,

And squish chunky thighs,

Until her giggles take over.


I just stop,

And listen to her brother sing,


To make her laugh.


I just stop,

And look at these wonders I have created,

The roly-poly baby,

And the sharp angled boy.



I just stop,

And breathe .


Brilliant blog posts on HonestMum.com


Mummy Times Two


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11 Responses to Just Breathe

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  3. Gorgeous! #postsfromtheheart

  4. Chloe Wood says:

    Beautiful #postsfromtheheart

  5. This is without doubt one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read – and as an English teacher I have certainly read more than my fair share. This is something we all need to do more. To stop a moment among the chaos and just think, cherish, hold onto those moments when they are small. The moments don’t last long enough – we do indeed sometimes remember to just breathe. Thank you so much for joining up with us and sharing this at #PostsFromTheHeart

  6. Brilliant !! Most of us charge through a day at a million miles a hours so it’s such a lovely poem to remind us what we are missing out on. Thank you for sharing it with us .#PostsFromTheHeart

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