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This is a bit of a round up of gifts I’ve made for babies in the last 6 months or so. They were all made with things I already had in the house which is why fleece has a bit of a starring role! Click on the links for instructions.

This is bunny monster  from a Make a Monster by Fiona Goble. I’ve mentioned it before (see here) I think monsters make cute cuddly toys for babies but maybe I’m odd!

Butterfly with crinkly wings.  I’m not entirely happy with this – I think the ribbon is too wide and the face isn’t quite right. It’s definitely worth a second go though.

Rainbow cloud  I love the different colours in this and babies seem to like having something to grab. If I make another one of these I’m using ribbons – turning the strips through after I’d stitched them was a proper pain!

Sunshine The original tutorial didn’t include a face but I think it worked out pretty well. The face is made of towelling but anything soft or textured would work.

Crinkly Owl. This is vaguely based on a few different things I’ve seen online 🙂

There are more ideas on my pinterest board if you’re looking for inspiration.

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4 Responses to Baby Gifts

  1. Oh my goodness I just love the monster and the rainbow cloud too. These are such cute ideas and great for all my scrap material. Thanks. #Littlemakes

  2. jemma says:

    wow – you are so clever!! I LOVE the monster one! Monsters that cute do make good toys for babies! #littlemakes

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