I got my machine out a couple of days ago to try and make some headway on my gift list and it was making a load of noise so I decided that it was time for a clean.

My machine is a beautiful old Frister-Rossmann  that I bought from a lovely lady on gumtree last October when my old one decided the middle of the Christmas rush was a good time to conk out. My previous machine was a John Lewis Mini. I always recommend those to anyone who wants to take up sewing it’s a great starter machine. One of the reasons it’s such a great starter is because it pretty much only does straight lines and zig-zag.

So anyway I pulled out the manual to clean and oil my machine and was reminded that it can do so much more than straight lines and zig-zags.  I am now on a mission to learn how to do some other things.

This is my first attempt at freestyle embroidery and appliqué. The idea is it looks a bit rough and sketched out – kind of like a doodle. I love doing it. Basically you drop the teeth which pull the fabric through the machine so you can move the fabric around any way you like.  I watched a few tutorials on youtube – this one was pretty useful.

I also used this tutorial – which is what I modelled the house on

It’s hanging on a string above my craft table along with other things that make me smile.

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