Creative Block

I’m hoping this post really should be called “the other side of the creative block”!

Some of my very good friends had a major life event happen 4 months ago!! I wont give any details because it’s not my story to tell but it’s something that they – and so because I love them I- have been waiting for for a very long time. My initial thought was I must make them something really thoughtful and amazing to show them how happy I am for them and how much I love them. But, my own life was totally crazy at the time; I was working full time while my husband was completely changing his career path.

So I spent a long time with no inspiration and then when I had some I just couldn’t picture how I would do it and then I just couldn’t start. Of course at that point a normal person would have just bought a lovely present – probably via amazon so they could deliver it directly and promise herself she would make something at a later date.

Instead what I did was to keep it at the top of my list. In the meantime 3 more couples have had  similar (although without such a complicated back story) life events. I usually make presents for friends at those times and have a stash of ideas of things I can make reasonably easily but I couldn’t push the first one off the top of the list so those people are still waiting too (Obviously I’m not so vain as to think people have given more than a passing thought to their lack of present or even a card from me). Again I could have just bought a nice present but, as I keep telling myself, I like to make presents!!!

The point of this long waffly post is that I’ve done it; I’ve finally finished the present and sent it.  My ever supportive husband even said, “Oh that looks nicer than I thought it would look.”

(The blurring is there on purpose – that bit says the family name)

To all our much loved friends who might think their special times went by unnoticed – I’m sorry, it turns out I’m practically insane and I might just let my husband be in charge of gifts from now on. They’ll probably come from amazon and if he’s feeling flush he might even pay for wrapping but they will at least come in a reasonable time frame.

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